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Nicovision, LLC is a fully licensed and insured fashion, editorial and commercial photography and video studio. We utilize the latest in technology and equipment available to provide our clients with the highest level of quality.

While having the ability to handle all aspects of production from conceptualization to finished product, we also offer ancillary services to assist our client’s goals. We have a state of the art photographic, video, and audio editing suite as well as the ability to provide professional make-up, styling and hair.

So, whether your next production includes five or fifty, don’t leave your success to chance. Quality, creativity, and consistency are instilled in everything that we do. “The choice is clear.”

So dream big and let Nicovision turn your dreams into reality.

Inside nicovision studios

Nick Jordan:

The Man Behind Nicovision

Nick Jordan is the very embodiment of Nicovision. Simply put, "I like what I do, and in the end, isn't that what truly matters? I enjoy turning concepts and dreams into reality. Pushing the boundaries of the photographic medium while challenging the creativity of everyone involved is what I do. To me, photography is more than a profession. It's more of an "extension of reality" or "a window to the minds eye.” Regardless, I enjoy creating work that exists beyond what is imagined.”

For more than a decade, Nick Jordan’s photographic leadership, prowess, and professionalism has anchored the Nicovision brand. “As a leader in cutting edge fashion and editorial photography his creativity seems endless.”

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